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Fractionalised assets, straight to your audience

Bringing the world's most iconic classic cars to investors across the globe

Who are the Car Crowd?

We are a UK based, FCA regulated fractional investment platform dedicated to passion assets, starting with Classic Cars.


Our Mission - To give investors across the globe the opportunity to invest in one of the world’s fastest appreciating asset classes, handpicked by experienced specialists.


Our platform has been built to seamlessly integrate with other investment and fintech platforms so that this asset class can be offered to their audiences. We have experience in curating exclusive cars and car portfolios for our partner’s audiences.  Our automated platform controls all investor onboarding, issuance of share documentation and on-going asset management. We also store, insure and maintain each asset in our central UK hub that welcomes investor visitors.


We are the first and only, Classic Car focussed fractional investment platform to be regulated via Appointed Representative status by Infinity Asset Management LLP who are authorised and regulated by the FCA.


If you would like to find out how TheCarCrowd could offer something exciting and bespoke to your customers, then get in touch today. 

What we do

Is fractional investment right for your brand? 

We have helped global Fintech, Automotive and Financial Services brands offer something different to their audience. 

Engaged Audience

 Offering fractional investments into passion assets can create amazing content and reasons to talk to your audience, building on engagement, increasing retention and brand loyalty.

Competitive Market

Offering fractional investment into passion assets can differentiate your brand in a crowded market.  This new and exciting category is great for a forward thinking business. 

Desire to Disrupt

If you are happy disrupting the norm and striving to give new opportunities for your audience then we can help. Our fully digital platform challenges the way investing has 'always been done'. 

Driven by Returns

Classic Cars have been one of the top performing asset classes of the past 10 years with returns of 164%. (according to Knight Frank). We are lowering the barriers to entry for investors globally. 


Benefits For Your Customers

Investment - We are democratizing one of the strongest performing investment classes of the past 10 years.  With returns of 164% over the past 10 years (data from Knight Frank Index), TheCarCrowd unlocks these large potential returns for a far wider audience than ever before. 

Community - With a growing community of over 4000 global users, we support a number of virtual and real world events to help investors share their passions, and investment stories together.


Experience - Investors can experience their assets at our global HQ in the UK and more locations planned from 2024 across the world.  Providing a far deeper level engagement to their investment than any other form of asset. 


Understand the right asset and ownership purpose to suit your brand and customer base


Curate the assets and setup the regulated investment opportunity, ready to offer to your customers


Aligned, compliant

 financial promotions, tailored to your brand. From fully white labelled, integrated customer journeys to simple marketing referrals


Automated platform controls, all investor documentation and ongoing asset management communication


Assets stored, insured and maintained by TCC and community engaged through online communities, voting and events

Partnership Approach

How it works

Setup to launch in just 6 weeks

Read about TheCarCrowd in some of the UK's top publications

What the press say

"New UK firm offers ‘fractional ownership’ of desirable cars that are soaring in value"





Autocar Magazine

"If you’re a classic-car enthusiast who wants to connect investment with your passion, TheCarCrowd is the UK’s first crowdfunding investment platform dedicated to classic cars"




"TheCarCrowd Is A Classic Car Investment Platform For Millennials"






Countryside Road

Features and Partners

Our Patners
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